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Our most popular product in 2016! Orangeries are based on a 17th century greenhouse design and feature a roof lantern and multiple windows.

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  • Orangery for all seasons

Orangeries were traditionally built between the 17th - 19th century on grand houses, for the purpose of growing (unsurprisingly!) oranges and other fruit from warmer climates. Nowadays orangeries are a grand addition to any home and offer a stylish alternative to a standard extension.

Morton orangeries are designed for dining, entertaining, relaxing and working. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, our designers can create a building to suit, in any colour you desire. Choose a colour from the Farrow and Ball palette, opt for classic white or contemporary grey and we are sure you'll love the result.

View our Orangeries gallery for inspiration

Did you know: The roof lantern, surrounding pelmet and increased brickwork are the defining features of an orangery. Whether you choose an orangery or a conservatory is down to personal preference.